• DRK-10
    Fly Bar for DVA T4 - T8 - T12 - S08 - S09DP - S10DP - S20DP - S2585N - S1518N - S1521N - S30N.
  • DRK-10W
    Fly Bar White Edition of DRK-10
  • DRK-20
    Fly Bar for DVA  T4 - T8 - T12 - S08 - S09DP - S10DP - S20DP - S2585N - S1518N - S1521N - S30N.
  • DRK-20M
    Fly Bar The new DRK-20M is the first motorized fly bar in the world for line array systems. Equipped with a system that modifies the clusters focal point, it is possible to adjust the inclination of the sound system in any moment without having to lower the loudspeakers; this makes it possible to change the sound coverage, when necessary, even during the event.This system can be directed from...
  • DS-2
    DS-2 Pole Mount Pole Mount with M20 thread
  • DSA-4
    DSA 4 Pole Mount Adaptor The DSA-4 Pole Mount Adaptor holds up to three DVA T4or T8 modules on single pole. A set screw adjusts the tilt angle smoothly rather than in stepped increments, enabling ultra-precise alignment. A scale on the side of the adaptor indicates the selected angle. Paired with an S10 subwoofer, this adaptor makes it so easy to set up three-way systems for smaller...
  • DWB-3
    DWB3 WallBracket Wallbracket for DVA T4 - T8
  • SN-120
    SN 120 Speaker Adapter Mini Box Adapter for Speaker Stands.
  • SRK-09
    SRK-09 Fly Kit Fly Kit for DVA Sub S09DP
  • SRK-10
    SRK-10DP Fly Kit Fly Kit for DVA Sub S10DP
  • TC S09
    TC S09 Tour Cover Tour Cover for Sub DVA S09DP
  • TC 10S
    TC 10S Tour Cover Tour Cover for DVA Sub S10 DP


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